Life is sometimes referred to as a “rat race,” because like lab rats studied by scientists in a maze, we are all trying to learn and manage to survive amongst others who are all seeking the same goal: to get the cheese. Money, amongst its many names, can also be referred to as cheese.
  Heather Pfeiffer
  生活有時被比喻成“老鼠的競賽”,因為這就像是科學家研究實驗室迷宮裡激烈競爭的老鼠一樣,我們嘗試研究學習並設法從尋求相同目標的其他競爭者中生存下來:獲得奶酪。金錢,是它眾多目標名字當中的一個,同樣也可以用奶酪指代。  (原標題:Rat Race)


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